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2 Aug 2017 in Law

Chatbots for Family Law

Family law in Ontario is still ripe for disruption. In 2013, Dr. Julie MacFarlane of the University of Windsor Law School released a study which showed that in family la... Read more

14 Jul 2017 in Technology

CPUs and Cores - No Analogy

The processor is usually used to describe the central processing unit (CPU) and can be thought of as the brain of the computer. The CPU... Read more

2 Jul 2017 in Technology

Processors (CPUs) – An Analogy

If you think of a supermarket as being a computer, then the Central Processing Unit (CPU) would be the cash register. The clock speed o... Read more

21 Jun 2017 in Technology

Computer Basics - CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive Analogy

If you have trouble understanding what your CPU, RAM, and Hard drive are, hopefully it'll become clear with the analogy below.

Think of your computer as the kitc... Read more

12 Jun 2017 in Technology

Displays - Size, Resolution, and Pixel Density

The three main properties of a display are its size, resolution, and pixel density. These properties generally dictate... Read more

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